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“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression & knowledge”

About  Us

The spirit for HEC took birth with the pursuit of developing budding engineers to discover, reach and exceed their intellectual potential. THE HEC is founded by Mr. SYED ASIF HAIDER. The ambition of providing education with preserving core values and serving country best engineers. Step taken to constitute a education centre where a student can find discipline and exact learning environment which he/she deserves.

Over the past several years, the team has been working on developing the course curriculum and teaching methodology for the engineer’s. This has also taken a tangible shape in the development of preparatory programmes for readily changing technology and present day demand in industry. The design, development and delivery of each of the programmes offered at THE HEC incorporate the best teaching practices relevant to the tests. We believe that each individual is unique and requires individual guidance. The intense focus on each individual’s strengths and weaknesses is at the core of our modules. This will be one of the most crucial value additions by THE HEC. We provide student-centred coaching in helping you achieve the success you desire.

Founder  Mr. Syed Asif Haider

Journey started in year 2002 by Mr. SYED ASIF HAIDER to shred all old teaching and learning prescription and constitute entirely a new road to success. The definition of teacher and student need to be taken on totally new side to understand the deepness of mind in harmony with rapidly changing technology. Our dedicated team continuously update them self to endow best of them. Developing talented engineers is indirectly developing country stronger. Our servitude belongs to those who can challenge their own limits. An ENGINEER is the backbone of any progressive country and we make the engineer with power of true education.

Discovery and invention the great word followed by the engineer’s and always finding new possibilities is a habit to propagate more and more. Our aim is pure to give quality education and to develop consciousness in student to think beyond imagination. We use modern mechanization and effective teaching technique through which student can grasp more and correctly.


We bestow benign teaching discipline engineered with novel technology to achieve satisfaction in harmony with student’s immaculate career.


“ We have the only zeal to endue obtain perfection in provision quality education to our students and sustain them with present day requirements and all engineering techno updates. ”

Salient Points